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Credit scores: Not all that and a bag of chips

Without a doubt, one of the most frequent questions I get is about credit scores. The question is always some version of: Will a bankruptcy ruin my credit score forever?

Americans have an unhealthy obsession with bad credit, as though a credit score were an indicator of self worth. This obsession is unnecessary. You don’t need a good credit score to live a fulfilling and happy life. Even if you have bad credit, the sun will still come out tomorrow.

Do you want to work for a bank? Do you want to buy real estate someday? If so, you probably have legitimate reasons to be concerned with how your credit report looks to others. If not, stop worrying about your credit. It is not worth the energy you spend on thinking about it, believe me. But if it is a priority, there are ways you can rebuild credit.

And you’d think people who are on the verge of filing for bankruptcy must be starting out with good credit, considering all the energy they expend worrying about how it might ruin their credit scores. But you’d be wrong, for the most part. Sure, some people who file for bankruptcy early enough might still have a decent score, but honestly, most people who are serious about it already have bad credit.

If you are legitimately concerned with your credit, consider this: Those starting out with bad credit should look at how a bankruptcy can help begin to rebuild credit by providing a fresh start. Those starting out with good credit, but who have dischargeable debts they can’t pay, should be looking at how far down their credit score can go if they let their untenable debt situation continue its downward spiral.

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