Monthly Archives: October 2011

Student loan borrowers may see a little relief

Starting in 2012, about 1.6 million student loan borrowers will be able to make smaller monthly payments, and make less of these payments before the remaining balances are forgiven.

Bankruptcy filing fees will increase Nov. 1, 2011

Anyone considering filing bankruptcy should be aware that court filing fees are increasing on Nov. 1, 2011.  While it is not a large fee increase for filing a Chapter 7 or a 13, it is notable for being the first increase in a long time.  A disclosure form containing general information about the different chapters […]

Slight median income changes coming Nov. 1

It will be just a little bit easier or a little bit harder to qualify to file a Chapter 7 “straight bankruptcy” as of November 1, 2011.

Be sure you file bankruptcy at the right time

Sometimes the timing of your bankruptcy filing hardly matters, but other times it’s huge.

Is a Creditor Getting a Judgment Against You?

What you don’t know CAN hurt you, if it’s a judgment against you by a creditor.

How to file bankruptcy and keep your assets

Bankruptcy helps both sides of your balance sheet.

Don’t Give Up Your Vehicle Before Knowing Your Options

Why? Because you may be able to keep a vehicle you thought you couldn’t afford to pay for.