Be sure you file bankruptcy at the right time

Sometimes the timing of your bankruptcy filing hardly matters, but other times it’s huge.

Is a Creditor Getting a Judgment Against You?

What you don’t know CAN hurt you, if it’s a judgment against you by a creditor.

How to file bankruptcy and keep your assets

Bankruptcy helps both sides of your balance sheet.

Don’t Give Up Your Vehicle Before Knowing Your Options

Why? Because you may be able to keep a vehicle you thought you couldn’t afford to pay for.

Choosing the Right Chapter to Save Your Home through Bankruptcy

Both Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 stop a foreclosure of your home. One or the other COULD be better for you, but which one is it?

Stopping the foreclosure of your home through bankruptcy

Both Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 can help you save your home. Which one is better for YOU?

The automatic stay is a powerful tool

Don’t take for granted the extraordinariness of bankruptcy’s automatic stay.

When the automatic stay doesn’t apply

In VERY RARE circumstances, ALL of your creditors can pursue you even if you file bankruptcy. Here is how to avoid those rare but dangerous circumstances.

When a bankruptcy filing does NOT stop collection actions

Your bankruptcy filing can stop all your creditors’ collection actions against you. Or can it?
Isn’t a bankruptcy filing supposed to stop all your creditors’ collection efforts against you and your property? Yes, and in fact in many cases a bankruptcy filing does exactly that. Stopping collection efforts is a benefit of […]

Must I report illegal or previously unreported income in my bankruptcy?

It sometimes comes up that a person who wants to file for bankruptcy has income that is either derived from an illegal source (such as drug dealing) or that has not been reported to the IRS (when it should have been). Also, many people get confused between the reporting requirements for the IRS and […]