Will they take my property after I file bankruptcy?

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One reason people find themselves in the position of wanting to transfer their assets before filing for bankruptcy is that they are afraid the bankruptcy trustee will take their stuff after they file. But you might not need to worry about that, especially in New Jersey.
Why not? Because you might be able to […]

How to screw up your bankruptcy before it has begun

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Planning on transferring your largest asset to a relative just before filing for bankruptcy so that the bankruptcy court can’t get to it? As a bankruptcy lawyer, I must say – PLEASE DON’T. It’s a bad idea because it can really get you into trouble and it can […]

How to get your creditors to stop harrassing you

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One way to get your creditors to stop harassing you is by filing for bankruptcy. But how does filing for bankruptcy stop creditor calls and letters? Through something called the “automatic stay”.
The automatic stay in bankruptcy can be a powerful benefit for debtors who feel that they are being […]

How to choose which debts to list in your bankruptcy papers

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Which debts should you put in the bankruptcy and which ones should you leave out?
Answer: You are required to list all of your debts in your bankruptcy papers! It is a common notion that you are allowed to keep some debts out of your bankruptcy by not listing them […]

How to recognize an abusive bankruptcy filing

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What is an abusive bankruptcy filing? When does a bankruptcy court consider a debtor’s Chapter 7 filing to be an abuse of the bankruptcy process?
A bankruptcy court will look at whether the person filing the bankruptcy acted in bad faith and at the entire circumstances surrounding the debtor’s financial situation.
A […]

Getting to know your NJ bankruptcy lawyer

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This post may not be about bankruptcy, but you can call your time spent reading this post “getting to know your New Jersey bankruptcy lawyer.”
So anyway, I just had a pretty cool experience – an old teacher of mine from high school connected with me on Facebook. Haven’t seen him since high […]

How I work with clients

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How do I work with clients on consumer bankruptcy cases? I like to take a personalized approach. It depends on the client. Some people like to meet more often with their bankruptcy attorneys than others. I do my best to accommodate this.
But others just don’t have the time for […]

Would you like to repay Aunt Sally before filing bankruptcy? Read this first.

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The whole issue of whether you should repay someone to whom you owe money before you actually file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy is more complex than it looks at first glance. I introduced the issue in a previous post about repaying debts before bankruptcy, but there is a lot of detail here […]

New Jersey household median income levels rising soon

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The picture over there on the right? Those are test tubes. I couldn’t resist – you’ll get it in a minute. Read on.
On November 1, 2009, the Census Bureau median family income for a one-person household in New Jersey goes up from $57,120 to $60,026. What does this mean […]

Inadequate protection from debt collection law

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On October 21, the Government Accountability Office (GAO) released a new report on debt collection abuses and the current state of legal consumer protections against those abuses.
The GAO found that current legal protections for consumers facing abuses by the debt collection industry fall short of actually protecting those consumers. Problems such as […]