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Do you really need Ch. 13 to save your home?

When does filing a Chapter 7 “straight bankruptcy” case help you enough so that you don’t need a 3-to-5-year Chapter 13 case?

Wage Garnishments: Can bankuptcy stop them?

Wage garnishments are stopped instantaneously . . . except that different state laws and procedures can effect what happens to the current paycheck.

How bankruptcy can help save your small business

Bankruptcy isn’t just for cleaning up after the death of a business. It can keep your business alive.

Is a Creditor Getting a Judgment Against You?

What you don’t know CAN hurt you, if it’s a judgment against you by a creditor.

When the automatic stay doesn’t apply

In VERY RARE circumstances, ALL of your creditors can pursue you even if you file bankruptcy. Here is how to avoid those rare but dangerous circumstances.

When a bankruptcy filing does NOT stop collection actions

Your bankruptcy filing can stop all your creditors’ collection actions against you. Or can it?
Isn’t a bankruptcy filing supposed to stop all your creditors’ collection efforts against you and your property? Yes, and in fact in many cases a bankruptcy filing does exactly that. Stopping collection efforts is a benefit of […]

How to get your creditors to stop harrassing you

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One way to get your creditors to stop harassing you is by filing for bankruptcy. But how does filing for bankruptcy stop creditor calls and letters? Through something called the “automatic stay”.
The automatic stay in bankruptcy can be a powerful benefit for debtors who feel that they are being […]

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