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How to recognize an abusive bankruptcy filing

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What is an abusive bankruptcy filing? When does a bankruptcy court consider a debtor’s Chapter 7 filing to be an abuse of the bankruptcy process?
A bankruptcy court will look at whether the person filing the bankruptcy acted in bad faith and at the entire circumstances surrounding the debtor’s financial situation.
A […]

How I work with clients

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How do I work with clients on consumer bankruptcy cases? I like to take a personalized approach. It depends on the client. Some people like to meet more often with their bankruptcy attorneys than others. I do my best to accommodate this.
But others just don’t have the time for […]

Are you eligible for a Chapter 7?

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Eligibility for Chapter 7 bankruptcy is something you will need to discuss with an attorney.  However, there is a basic set of guidelines of which you should be aware.
What is Chapter 7 bankruptcy?  Chapter 7 is the most common type of bankruptcy; the name refers to a chapter of the […]

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