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When a bankruptcy filing does NOT stop collection actions

Your bankruptcy filing can stop all your creditors’ collection actions against you. Or can it?
Isn’t a bankruptcy filing supposed to stop all your creditors’ collection efforts against you and your property? Yes, and in fact in many cases a bankruptcy filing does exactly that. Stopping collection efforts is a benefit of […]

How to get your creditors to stop harrassing you

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One way to get your creditors to stop harassing you is by filing for bankruptcy. But how does filing for bankruptcy stop creditor calls and letters? Through something called the “automatic stay”.
The automatic stay in bankruptcy can be a powerful benefit for debtors who feel that they are being […]

What happens at the 341 meeting of creditors?

After you file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, if everything goes right, you should end up at a 341 meeting of creditors. Named after section 341 of the Bankruptcy Code, this is a meeting at which the trustee assigned to your case, you, your lawyer, and any creditors who choose to appear will show up.
This does […]

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