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Avoid using credit cards at the holidays before bankruptcy

Paying for the holidays with credit cards, even at a relatively modest amount, can mean that you will have to pay back those purchases if you file a bankruptcy.

Debt settlement isn’t usually the best option

Why you should educate yourself about bankruptcy as an option before going the debt settlement route.

Repaying a debt before bankruptcy? Better think twice

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Can you repay a debt to a friend or a creditor before you file for bankruptcy? Yes, you can, but it’s not necessarily a good idea because that repayment may be what bankruptcy law calls a “preference” or a “preferential transfer.”
After you file for bankruptcy, preferential transfers may be taken […]

Got a debt collection lawsuit before your bankruptcy is filed?

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Because of the automatic stay, a bankruptcy filing normally stops all lawsuits against you. But for a myriad of reasons, not everyone who is planning to file for bankruptcy can do so right away. If you fall into this category, you especially need to keep an eye on your […]

Debunking the myths put forth by “debt relief” companies

Don’t believe the negative myths about bankruptcy. Here’s why.

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